Born and raised in the Netherlands, Mineral Evolution LLC. Founder Bernadette Van der Ploeg has years of experience in the beauty industry. Bernadette Van der Ploeg comes from a family of entrepreneurs who owned many businesses. It was her destiny to follow suit. She studied at 'L'Institute Payot' in Paris, France, under renowned beauty philosopher Dr. N.G. Payot. Bernadette continued to work as a skin-care expert and salon owner in the Netherlands. At age eighteen she managed two salons in the Netherlands.
While living in the United States Bernadette discovered that there was a real demand for natural makeup. She was determined to create a line of high quality makeup free of synthetic ingredients such as dyes, fragrances, preservatives, and fillers. Mineral Evolution is a reflection of her expertise and drive which has resulted in an outstanding professional makeup line. Not only does it look amazing, but it is also natural, healthy, and beneficial to the skin.

All Mineral Evolution products are adorned with the Van der Ploeg family crest representing knowledge, industry, abundance, and a fruitful life.

"Within the Mineral Makeup category, there are large differences in price and quality. Some products labeled 'Mineral Makeup' only contain trace amounts of minerals. Many companies use fillers, or inexpensive grades of mineral ingredients such as talc. If the mineral ingredients are not milled finely enough, the makeup will be coarse and will tend to streak slightly and do not adhere properly. Some companies get around this by asking you to 'buff' your face to mix the ingredients together, or they need to sell expensive mist and primers to help 'set' the makeup. Our loose and pressed minerals go through a quadruple milling process guaranteeing a smooth, velvety texture with a subtle glow - a flawless look." -Bernadette Van der Ploeg
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